At the Station

at the station

Reduce paperwork and get to the truth faster with one secure, centralized Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) featuring powerful capabilities like transcription, redaction and forensics.

The video and other digital data collected in the field has to go somewhere. You can manage it by purchasing hundreds of hard drives and additional IT support, or you could simply collect it in one system: Highpowerv Evidence.com. Our DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Solution) solution allows you to upload data, tag and retrieve evidence, and share case files with a few clicks. And new features like multi-cam playback and advanced skin-blurring are added regularly.


Our evidence-management cloud is a centralized place to manage digital data.


Highpowerv CIS Interview captures vital interview footage and uploads easily to Evidence.com.

Digital Evidence Management

Over 100,000 licenses have been issued for Evidence.com, giving agencies around the world access to simplified digital evidence workflows that save time and money.



Evidence.com streamlines data management and sharing on one secure platform. Our robust, cloud-based system stores all your data — from body-worn cameras to audio records — and processes it using features like redaction and CAD/RMS integration.

Evidence.com Lite


Evidence.com Lite maintains all TASER device data in a centralized location and assigns or removes weapons with the click of a button. This platform is a complimentary alternative to Evidence.com for simple TASER weapon and evidence management.

Evidence Sync


Evidence Sync is a desktop-based application that enables you to manage evidence from one location and access it anytime, anywhere.

Axon Commander


Consolidate all of your digital evidence in one secure location for easy access and management while maintaining security and chain of custody.

Interview Recording

Never miss a moment from critical interviews and interrogations with our interview room video solution, which has a 24/7 buffer and lets you tag and annotate in real time.

Axon Interview


Highpowerv CIS Interview records crucial interviews with redundant, high-quality video and audio technology, allowing for every moment of footage to be accounted for.