Copyright and Trademark

Intellectual Property

Infringement of intellectual property poses significant losses to U.S. companies each year.  As technology advances, individuals continue to capitalize on new methods of infringing both copyrights and trademarks. At Highpowerv CIS, we believe a good offense can be the best defense when it comes to infringement. We specialize in working with clients and their legal staff to solve many copyright and trademark issues.

  • Monitoring of Internet and Social Media Platforms.
  • Date of First Use
  • Geographic Reach of Infringement
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Evidence of Abandonment
  • Infringement Company Identification & Profile
  • Undercover Purchases
  • Eradication of Infringed Trademarks
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Damages Assessment

Highpowerv CIS has unparalleled experience in trademark in use and copyright investigations resulting in the identification of the perpetrators, criminal prosecutions, and civil penalties and fines. Our highly trained team of experts enables effective investigations and support across global markets at different points in the supply chain. Highpowerv CIS provides expert testimony and intellectual property litigation support, including loss quantification, in counterfeiting and IP infringement matters.