Data Breach and Incident Response

Data Breach and Incident Response

Highpowerv CIS “Cyber Intrusion Team” specializes in “Incident Response” for computer-based intrusions for the small to medium sized business market. Our seasoned team of Cyber Intelligence professionals, Incident Responders, and Forensic Analysts know how to address your current incident and help you make informed decisions on how to mitigate the impact, as well as eradicate the current threat.

Types of Breaches We Cover:

  • Network & Data Breaches
  • Website Hacking and Denial Of Service
  • SQL Injections
  • XSS Scripting
  • Insider Threats

Our collective experience in working on hundreds of cases involving computer malware, electronic espionage and inside threats allows us to help our clients to quickly respond to an incident. Our On-Demand Incident Response service is designed to help your network administrators and technicians along with corporate owners and shareholders quickly and discretely address your situation.

Our company supports cases throughout the Tamilnadu, India and the world for that matter. We pride ourselves in the ability to support you in your location, while maintaining the cost efficiency of an extremely experienced group.