Executive Threats and Stalking

Executive Threats and Stalking

Highpowerv Cyber Investigation Services is a highly experienced private investigative agency that has solved hundreds of executive threat and stalking cases that have arisen out of both corporate and personal issues.

Senior Executives are targeted every day by customers, activists, previous relationships and anonymous antagonists focused on ruining your relationships, business, finances or reputation. Unfortunately, most local police do not have the resources, training or interest in investigating these types of cases.

At Highpowerv CIS we are focused on four distinct areas of investigations and threats for executives:

Physical Threats – Online postings that threaten an individual or incite others to take violent or harmful action directly against them.

Information Threats – From malicious posting of personal information to inadvertent disclosures by the individual or their family, the web and social media can spread sensitive data rapidly.

Known Adversaries – A growing and increasingly observable community of actors that target organizations and individuals for criminal, political, and even social and religious reasons.

Reputation Threats – Online postings on third party sites, social media and websites that threaten the reputation of the corporate executive and/or their company.