Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

Brand & Reputation

Corporations today suffer a barrage of issues online ranging from reputation damage, to IP abuse, to trademark theft, to traffic diversion, to phishing sites, to relentless attacks on social media. Highpowerv CIS provides ongoing alerts of online reputation & brand abuses to corporations & their attorneys.

Executive Monitoring

Corporate executives worldwide are under attack online from those intent on reputation, brand, or even physical harm.  Often, executives are unaware of serious attacks until it is too late to act.  Highpowerv CIS provides ongoing monitoring alerts to executives to help protect themselves and their personal brands.

Competitor & Industry

Highpowerv CIS develops monitoring applications to watch the actions of its client’s competitors.  These custom setups can range from watching any changes to websites, blogs, and social media to watching very complex ad campaigns.  Our goal is to never let your competition catch you off guard.

Custom Monitoring

Highpowerv CIS has invested countless time, energy, and financial resources into developing state-of-the-art software to monitor all aspects of the web.  If you have a unique requirement, let our engineers design cost-efficient approaches to acquire the info that you need.