Website Security & Application Testing

Website Security

                Highpowerv CIS has built a reputation for state of the art web application penetration testing. Our veteran security professionals assesses and tests an organization’s web applications to evaluate the risks these applications pose to their Internet facing and internal web sites, and more importantly, to the sensitive information these applications manage.

We have developed a unique approach to conducting a penetration test that goes way beyond running an automated scanning tool or identifying “potential” vulnerabilities. Highpowerv CIS utilizes state of the art web application testing tools, combined with manual review by certified and licensed penetration testers to test false positives and negatives in order to deliver to our clients a well thought out executive summary and report of our most critical findings and hardening methods available.

Web application testing represents an ever-growing area of IT auditing and assessments that need constant attention and new skills. As technology evolves in this area, and more organizations come to rely upon web technologies and associated applications to run their businesses, security is increasingly important. In order to asses these applications, specialized tools for web application vulnerability scanning will assist in finding the majority of vulnerabilities and provide a solid foundation for finding more problems through manual testing.

Using web application testing frameworks in addition to manual testing will allow us to perform the following assessments:

* All Fields Checked For Input Validation

* Identification of SQL Injection

* Identification of Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

* Identification of Command Injection Vulnerabilities

* Identification of Business Logic Errors

* Testing of Web Services

* SOAP & REST Testing

* Testing of Thick Client Plugins Like ActiveX and Java Applet

* Testing of Back End Sub Directories

* Testing of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities